Core Focus

Buzz Trading has 9 key aspects to the business:

  • Housewares under the Contour Housewares Brand
  • Appliances under the Contour Appliance Brand
  • Outdoor products under the Contour Outdoor Brand
  • DIY Storage Products under the Pride Brand
  • Waste Management programme under the Pride Brand
  • Kids plastic Furniture and Storage under the Buzz Kidz Brand
  • Plastic Packaging under The Pridepack Brand
  • Aluminium Ladders under the Badger and Mundo Range
  • Custom Molding under the Buzz Custom molding Division

Values of our company


The Pride Lion shows our Strength and Tenacity.


Our Contour logo’s represent Function and Form.


With our Buzzing Bee we capture the Fun of our kiddies range.


Our range of Mundo ladders represents Safety and Certainty.

Key Strengths

  • Well known Brands
  • Large range of products
  • Quality goods
  • Stock availability
  • Company owned fleet of trucks

Customer Base

Buzz trading operates in 5 specific areas, which covers a broad spectrum of the market.

  • Wholesale customers
  • Retail Customers
  • Industrial customers
  • Government Organisations
  • International

Level of customer we service

  • Merchandise Directors
  • Procurement Managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Store Owners and Managers

Customer Challenges that we address

  • Carry high levels of Stock
  • Good distribution network
  • Good quality
  • Good pricing value for money
  • Demographics range from LSM 3-10