Benefits of Using Contour Plastic Food Storage Containers for Catering and Events

Designed to optimise food storage options, with the convenience of being used directly from the freezer to the microwave, plastic food storage containers enable caterers and event planners to prepare food in advance, delivering delicious fresh treats on the day. Contour, a division of Buzz Trading, shares the many benefits that multiple food containers offer industries that prepare and serve food for events and offer a wide variety of storage options for catering.


Preparing Ahead of Time with Plastic Food Storage Containers


Using Contour’s superior quality plastic food storage containers not only maintains the safety of the food but also enables caterers to keep food fresher for longer. As event planners know, food is one of the focal points of any function and finding ways to prepare culinary delights ahead of time avoids time-consuming and unnecessary delays on the day. Tackling the bulk of the food preparation beforehand is made that much simpler when selecting Contour’s multiple plastic food storage options that are not only affordable but also stack comfortably on top of each other making transporting a variety of dishes that much simpler.


Due to their availability in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, plastic food storage containers are becoming more popular than other forms of food storage among caterers and event planners. We share some of the many reasons why our food storage solutions are the ideal solution for your business’ food storage requirements.


  1. Food Quality

Our food storage options include transparent containers with snap-on lock lids specifically designed to keep any external harmful elements, such as bacteria, at bay. When food remains dry and fresh whilst stored, its overall quality, including its flavour and colour, is not compromised. In comparison to metal counterparts, these dishes’ shelf-life is not lessened.


  1. Durability

As affordable as our food storage options are, Contour’s use of virgin polypropylene ensures containers that have proven durability. Unlike aluminium and metal, plastic can withstand more wear and tear. Multiple containers can be stacked on top of each other without cracking or breaking. When subjected to pressure, plastic stands up against its glass and metal counterparts which break easily and can dent which can affect the quality of the stored food.


  1. Stack, pack and transport

Conventional catering equipment can be excessively bulky making it difficult to transport food to event venues. Not only are our plastic food storage containers transparent but simplistically designed seals and lids make it easier to stack them, which takes up less packing space. you can then transport them to a venue without the worry of any spills.


  1. Transparency provides clarity

Take advantage of Contour’s range of clear containers and pre-pack your plating options in advance. At a glance you will know the contents of each, making serving that much simpler and quicker.


Selecting plastic food containers that are durable, easy to seal, resistant to cracking when stored at low temperatures, and that have proven resistance against moisture is what you can expect from the Contour range.


Contour – Leading Plastic Food Storage Containers Manufacturer


Avoid food wastage and excessive equipment costs by selecting Contour as your preferred multiple food storage solutions partner. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that our products are robust, durable and stylish. Whether your event planning commitments are purely concerned with food storage or extend to the need for seating, our wide selection of products will appeal to you. Contact us and we will gladly assist.