Benefits of Using Contour Plastic Storage Containers for Seasonal Item Storage

There is simply nothing more versatile than Contour plastic storage containers for storage needs, including durable seasonal storage solutions. Typically, there is nothing more frustrating than finding convenient ways to store seasonal clothes and gear when they are not needed and cupboard space is limited. Mostly, people will clutter spare room cupboards or stuff shelving but if these options are not available, a more appropriate solution must be found.


Contour’s range of plastic storage containers is available in various shapes and sizes and can hold a wide range of items, from seasonal clothing and camping gear to seasonal sporting equipment and more. They are versatile and durable and offer features such as click-and-lock lids and optional mobility, with some fitted with wheels, making even the heaviest load easy to transport to its place of storage.


Why Contour’s Range of Plastic Storage Containers are So Crucial


One of the primary advantages of utilising our clip-and-lock storage boxes is that they assist in protecting belongings for long periods. The airtight lids protect the contents from moisture and dust while its durable construction keeps pests from invading and damaging clothes, other materials, books or important documents. This protection from the elements and other inconveniences is especially important for goods that need to be stored for months at a time.


Convenient – Transparent and Stackable Storage Solutions


More examples of the convenience of using our storage containers is that some of them are available as clear plastic storage boxes. Together with proper labelling, these Contour plastic storage containers assist in making it easy to identify their contents at a glance, without having to remove a series of containers in the hope of finding something specific.


They are also stackable, each container fitting snuggly on top of the other. This makes for ideal space-saving solutions when storage is limited. This not only saves valuable retail floor space while waiting for them to be sold but also maximises storage space in the home of the consumer. Since they are available in various shapes and sizes, they may be used to occupy unused floorspace in cupboards, in hard-to-reach spaces on top of closets or could be covered and used as temporary bedside tables.


Examples of Transportable Plastic Storage Containers Uses


  1. Camping Gear: Tents, sleeping bags, gas lamps and other camping equipment are usually only utilised once or twice a year. Having them stored in clip-and-lock Contour plastic storage containers keeps them safe, dry and out of the way.
  2. Sporting Equipment: Regardless of the sport, the kit will always take up space. For a sporting family, where multiple sports are played across several seasons, clear plastic storage boxes are the ideal solution.
  3. Seasonal Clothing: Colour-coding our storage containers is a clever way to separate seasonal clothing. Their durability and tight seal protect the contents from the elements and, being on wheels it can easily be manoeuvred in tight spaces when a change of season arrives.


Choose Quality First


We at Contour are the leading plastic manufacturers in South Africa. We cater to both indoor and outdoor activities and offer a full range of plastic products to complement any lifestyle. From chairs and tables to storage vessels for catering and clothing companies, sports warehouses and more. If you have a consumer base that requires storing items seasonally, Contour is your solution. Contact us for a consultation or check out our catalogue here.