Durable and Functional Plastic Chairs for High-Traffic Hospitality Environments

South Africans are known for their love of socialising whether around the fire or at a formal catered event. An integral part of any social event in South Africa is plastic chairs as you can never know exactly how many guests will flow through the door. Through the years, they have proven to be the most durable, reliable and versatile value-for-money investment most people can afford for seating a large crowd.


Whether it is a formal meeting, wedding, birthday, any other special occasion or simply a group of friends gathering together, plastic chairs provide seating for many people very economically.


Plastic Chairs that Are Worth their Weight


Since they are light-weight, stackable, available in a variety of colours and easily transported from one place to another, they are commonly seen in restaurants and sidewalk cafes. They are also a caterer’s choice for seating in staff mess halls like when catering for vast numbers in military camps, nursing staff at hospitals and public events like music festivals and aircraft fly-ins, for example.


But, whichever plastic chairs you want to procure for a given customer or event, you will want to ensure that the quality and longevity of the product is not going to embarrass you on the day by collapsing or folding in on itself. This is where Contour Products – A proud division of Buzz Trading – comes into play. We are the leading plastic manufacturing factory that specialises in, among a full portfolio of other products, plastic chairs. Our chairs are both robust, strong and stylish and fit into any conference or occasion for a pleasant ambience.



Building Your Retail Reputation on Our Quality


As a reputable retailer, you will want the products you sell to be the best you can procure. Your clientele believes in you, your name, your reputation and your brand. Therefore, you need to supply the best products in bulk at the best prices without compromise. With Contour, you get the best of both worlds. We supply superior plastic products in bulk when and where you need them. Plastic chairs will be available to you in quantity without sacrificing quality. Peruse our website for the best quality products at cost-effective prices.


What Sets Contour A Head Above the Rest


It is the injection moulding process that sets us apart from our competitors. Injection moulding is a manufacturing process used to form all sorts of plastic parts by injecting molten plastic into a mould. It can be used to create smaller parts like plastic caps, nuts and bolts. But in this instance, it is used to produce larger products like tables, toys, containers and our much-desired plastic chairs. This form of injection moulding is a fast, cost-effective production process that allows for mass production without sacrificing quality. We can supply chairs, tables and many other plastic moulded objects to meet any catering need.


Why Choose Contour?


With a variety of colours and designs, Contour Products cater to every need for every occasion. We can provide seating for every occasion. Our dedication to service excellence and product perfection guarantees that our quality and ability to produce quantity is only superseded by our professional oversite of any project. If you are looking to cater for any high-traffic events where there are a multitude of people to seat, do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation.