From Chaos to Cheer: A Retailer’s Blueprint for Showcasing Pride Products’ Plastic Storage Containers, Plus Festive Organization Tips for Homeowners


With the holiday season upon us, hearts find their way home and people are brimming with anticipation. However, whether it is the joyous holiday hustle and bustle or the business of a daily routine, clutter often rears its head, threatening to dampen one’s spirit. Luckily, there is hope with Pride Products’ plastic storage containers.

The professionals at Pride Products offer a guide which may serve as a blueprint for retailers seeking to enrich their product offerings with these versatile plastic storage containers, while also empowering homeowners to transform their messy spaces into organised havens.

Standing Out in the Storage Crowd – Pride Products’ Plastic Storage Containers 

What makes our plastic storage containers stand out above the rest?

  • Durability takes centre stage. Crafted from superior-quality virgin polyethylene, these plastic storage boxes withstand even the most chaotic clutter.
  • The ability to stack one heavy-duty storage box on top of the other allows for vertical space optimisation. Clearing valuable floor space with plastic shelf storage solutions is invaluable.
  • Interlocking lids ensure secure closure, keeping the dust bunnies and messiness at bay.

At Pride Products, we go beyond functionality, boasting a vibrant array of colour options that reflect a joyous spirit.  Try a splash of happy pink to house your holiday decorations, or a transparent blue to fill with children’s toys. Suddenly, organisation becomes a celebration of colour.

Retailers: Showcasing Pride Products for Holiday and Everyday Success

Retailers can make plastic storage containers the stars of their aisles with these attractive ideas:

  • Create a dedicated ‘Holiday Organisation’ section: Group these heavy-duty storage boxes with seasonal décor, highlighting their ability to store festive decorations for the coming year.
  • Theme the display: Create a display showcasing how these containers can store tools, hardware supplies or outdoor entertaining essentials.
  • Get creative with colour: Use pops of colour from the containers themselves to decorate the display, creating a visually arresting atmosphere.
  • Offer packaged gift solutions: Pair our products with specially-packed gift solutions and sell them as bundle deals, creating ready-made gifts that resonate with the spirit of giving.

Declutter and Destress – Organising Tips for Homeowners

Let’s explore how homeowners can utilise plastic storage containers to transform their cluttered spaces:

  • Garage Revival: Reclaim your garage from the day-to-day chaos by designating a heavy-duty storage box for specific equipment. Label containers for holiday decorations, camping gear, sporting equipment and more, creating a system of order.
  • Outdoor Oasis: Control your garden organisation with colour-coordinated plastic storage boxes. Store gardening tools, potting supplies or even outdoor furniture cushions, ensuring your entertainment area is ready for post-festive relaxation.
  • Crafty Corners: Dedicate a set of plastic boxes to your craft supplies. Label them by type or project, allowing your creativity to flourish.
  • Festive Feast Prep: Utilise our plastic storage units to store ingredients, baking supplies, or even prepped dishes. Label them for easy access, ensuring that your culinary marathon runs smoothly through the new year and beyond.

The Gift of Organisation

Whether it is the festive season or every day, let us move beyond the ordinary and embrace the art of gifting organisation and tidiness.

By showcasing Pride Products’ vibrant functionality, retailers can tap into the market for practical yet cheerful storage solutions. Empowered by these versatile containers, homeowners can transform their cluttered living areas into organised spaces. Contact us if you need Pride Products in your store or support your local retailer by purchasing plastic containers for all your domestic storage needs.