Pride Plastic Storage Boxes are Essential for Decluttering and Organising Any Space

Pride plastic storage boxes may offer the perfect solution for minimising storage areas and maximising space to store items that are not used every day. Either way, these storage devices offer a perfect remedy for convenient storage facilities in modern-day society, providing both protection from the elements and immediate accessibility if the contents are needed urgently.


Regardless of the size of your business, everyone needs effective ways to declutter and organise documents, parts, spares, tools or other equipment in an organised fashion. Pride plastic storage boxes are not only stackable but they can also be arranged in a manner that creates a simple yet effective way of accessing the required contents within minutes. So, if you have a customer base that needs durable, weatherproof, easy-to-transport storage that may be used both indoors and outdoors, you should look no further than plastic storage boxes manufactured by Pride products.


Why Choose Pride Plastic Storage Boxes?


If fitted lid to bottom, they are stackable and most are manufactured with wheels, making them easy to move from one location to another, regardless of the weight of their contents. They are manufactured from durable plastic through a manufacturing process called injection moulding and come in sizes of 110 and 150L capacities. The cutting-edge manufacturing process ensures both quality and durability. The cleverly designed, quick-release clip-lock shutting system makes for easy locking and just as easy opening.


Whether in-store or purchased by customers, these storage boxes can be easily kept on the shelf and are the perfect solution for storing supplies, inventory, camping gear or anything else when not in use. These plastic storage containers can be utilised domestically in the garage for keeping unused household items safe until needed and as supply vessels in caravans or to store life preservatives on a boat. If labelled correctly with water and damp proof tape and a permanent marking pen, they are the perfect solution for heavy-duty storage boxes in almost any location.


What More You Need to Know About Our 110 and 150L Plastic Storage Boxes


These plastic storage boxes are tough and rugged. Made for individual carry-ons, towed behind you to the camping spot or as an invincible, indestructible team, stacked on top of one another in a storage facility. They are offered in both black and red and can be chosen to best suit corporate colours or colour coding for easy identification or organisation. Moreover, the one hundred and fifty-litre plastic storage boxes weigh in at a mere 5.2kg and its little brother, the 110L storage container, pairs with it at a light weight of a fraction of just over 4kg.


Pounce on Pride Products


At Pride Plastic Manufacturing, we are the leading manufacturer of plastic consumer products. We produce prime products such as cooler boxes and plastic containers but pride ourselves on delivering superior-quality storage solutions. Our products are available at all major retail outlets, but if you need assistance with larger orders, consult with us – we will keep you packing!