What are the Best School Bags to Buy?

Back-to-school shopping can be a frustration for most parents, especially when it comes to finding the perfect school bags for their children. They do not want a satchel that is going to cause back injury or undue discomfort. However, it does need to be sturdy enough to haul textbooks and laptops yet be spacious enough for lunch and a cool drink. Additionally, let us not forget colour and style – every child wants a school bag that allows them to look cool, right?

Regardless of the time of year, why not ditch the back-breaking canvas rucksack and opt for weelie school bags from Buzz Kids?

Why Choose Weelie School Bags from Buzz Kids?

Weelie school bags offer a plethora of benefits over traditional school suitcases, for example:

  • Reduced Strain

Lugging around heavy textbooks can lead to back pain and posture problems. Weelie bags take the weight off your child’s shoulders, reducing the risk of strain and future back pain.

  • Convenience

No more struggling with unevenly distributed weight or carrying heavy loads. Simply set these school bags on their wheels, lift the retractable handle and roll it effortlessly to class.

  • Organisation

Buzz Kids’ school bags come with compartments, making it easy to stay organised and find what you need quickly with no more damage to textbooks or notepads.

  • Durability

Our school bookbags are built to last. Manufactured from only the most superior-quality polyurethane plastics, they can withstand the wear and tear of daily student use, preventing annual replacements.

  • Colour and Style

Students do not want to feel left out. They want to feel “cool” and fit in with the crowd. So, Buzz Kids’ weelie bags are specifically designed to be stylish and come in a variety of striking colours, so your child can match their luggage to current trends and their personality.

Buzz Kids Lead the Way

Not all school bags are the same. These factors explain why Buzz Kids weelie bags stand out above the rest:

  • Lightweight Design

Even though they are sturdy and strong, our school bags are surprisingly lightweight, making them easy for your children to manoeuvre.

  • Rolling Wheels

Our specifically designed, smooth-rolling wheels effortlessly roll up or downhill, even on rough surfaces. No more getting stuck on steps, curbs or pavements.

  • Safety Features

At Buzz Kids, our book bags come with a sturdy handle to carry the weight up and down stairs or over high pavement curbs, helping to prevent trips and falls. They also have a smooth exterior finish so parents can attach reflective straps that will enhance visibility in poor light conditions.

  • Affordable Prices

These school bags are produced in vast numbers and colours which allow retailers to offer a wide variety of choices to parents and students alike and advertise them at prices that are excellent value for money, making them a great choice for budget-conscious families.

Buzz Kids Weelie Bags – The Perfect Choice

Whether your child is a tiny tot or a high school senior, Buzz Kids has a weelie school bag that is perfect for them. So, ditch the discomfort and have your children enjoy the ease of rolling effortlessly down the corridors with Buzz Kids’ weelie bags. Contact us, or enquire at your local retail store. They are sure to stock our superior-quality plastic school bags.