What Storage Containers Are Great for Long-Term Storage?

Do you ever feel like your home is being overrun by clutter? Perhaps you have a treasure trove of keepsakes tucked away in forgotten corners, or a seasonal wardrobe overflowing from your closet. Whatever the reason, effective storage solutions are vital for bringing order to the chaos. But when it comes to long-term storage containers, not all are created equal.

The experts at Contour delve into the world of storage containers, highlighting the key features to consider for long-lasting organisation. We also introduce the Contour range, a line of premium plastic storage boxes designed to keep your belongings safe and secure for years to come.

Long-Term Storage Containers – What to Look For

When selecting containers for long-term use, prioritise these crucial aspects:

  • Durability: Cardboard boxes might be a budget-friendly option, but they’re susceptible to moisture, wear and tear. Opt for sturdier materials like plastic or metal. Consider the weight of the items that will fill the container as flimsy containers will buckle under pressure.
  • Airtightness: Exposure to air can accelerate spoilage and attract unwanted pests. Look for containers with secure lids that create an airtight seal, particularly for storing food, keepsakes, or items sensitive to moisture.
  • Stackability: Limited space? Maximise your storage capacity with stackable containers. The Contour range features a sleek, space-saving design that allows for vertical organisation, helping you reclaim precious floor space.

Plastic Storage Containers for a Durable Storage Solution

Plastic storage containers have emerged as a great solution for long-term storage. They boast numerous benefits, including:

  • Lightweight: Effortlessly lift, carry, and rearrange your containers without breaking a sweat. This is particularly advantageous for storing on higher shelves or having to access the contents frequently.
  • Versatility:Plastic containers come in an array of shapes and sizes, making them suitable for storing anything, from clothes and books to toys and pantry staples. The Contour range offers a variety of sizes to accommodate all your storage needs.
  • Water Resistance: Unlike cardboard or fabric containers, plastic offers superior protection against water, moisture, and humidity. This safeguards your belongings from warping, mildew, and rust.
  • Easy Maintenance: Most plastic containers can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, making them a breeze to maintain.

Introducing Our Contour Range – Premium Plastic Storage for the Long Haul

Look no further than the Contour range for exceptional plastic storage solutions built to stand the test of time. Crafted from high-quality, food-grade plastic, these containers offer unparalleled durability and are perfect for storing a variety of items. For example:

  • Airtight, Snap-Lock Lids: Ensuring your belongings remain protected from dust, moisture, and pesky insects.
  • Stackable Design: Maximise your storage space with a sleek, stackable design that optimises vertical space utilisation.
  • Clear or Opaque Options: Choose clear containers for easy identification or opt for opaque options for light-sensitive items.
  • Modern, Sleek Design: The Contour range adds a touch of style to your storage solutions, transforming your pantry, closet, storeroom, or garage into a tidy and organised haven.

Find Your Perfect Contour Container Today

With the Contour range, keeping your belongings safe, secure, and organised for the long run becomes effortless. Visit your nearest retailer today to discover the perfect Contour container for your needs and take control of your storage space. A little organisation goes a long way in creating a calm and clutter-free environment. You will love coming home to Contour storage containers. Contact us if you need to stock Contour containers in your store or visit your nearest retailer to shop for your Contour container today.