Why Should You Stock Pride Plastic Tool Boxes?

Nothing beats the mobility and convenience of having a neatly organised plastic tool box to conveniently store vehicle repair and home maintenance tools without taking up too much space. Often found in various hardware, retail and auto spares shops, a plastic tool box offers portability for use in different locations around the house or on the road for those unexpected breakdowns.


However, there is also a growing demand for these storage containers in other areas. Pride tool boxes are available in three versatile sizes and are easily stackable affording other specialised retailers the benefits of using them in their specific trades. As a division of Buzz Trading, we point out the numerous organisational benefits of a plastic tool box as well as other storage options and why you should consider stocking them.


Versatile Storage Options


A plastic tool box is considered an essential solution for storing a multitude of tools in an organised manner so that they are readily accessible when needed. Mechanics, electricians, DIY enthusiasts and some maintenance crews rely on the sturdy portability offered by Pride’s range of plastic tool boxes. Together with our handy shelving options, your workshop and garage storage options are endless.


  • Saving space – Since Pride tool boxes are stackable, they can be stored on top of one another taking up minimum space.
  • Managing on-hand stock levels – As with any trade, there are often small items such as screws, nuts and bolts in supply. The transparent lids of our plastic tool boxes allow for immediate stock analysis at a glance
  • Protecting tools – It is an easy way to secure unattended tools and prevent damage from rust and other debris.
  • Offering a long-lasting storage option – The non-corrosive, high-density properties of Pride’s plastic tool boxes not only provide a product that is lightweight but easy enough to store for long periods without fear of damage.
  • Ensuring easy cleaning – Any spills or spoils can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or soap and water without scratching the interior or exterior of the plastic tool box.


More than Storage for Tools


Specialist retail stores which encompass hobbies such as fishing, cycling, knitting and sewing, as well as various other arts and crafts, can benefit greatly from Pride’s plastic tool boxes and other organisational containers such as the easy-to-carry organiser boxes. The compartmentalised trays make sorting smaller-sized equipment and tools easy and convenient to store and access.


With sizes available in 32 cm, 50 cm and 56 cm, varying weight capacities and inserted tray organisers, a Pride plastic tool box is the ideal space-saving storage option for hobbies and recreational activities.


What Sets the Pride Brand Apart  


Pride is synonymous with quality which is reflected in the materials and state-of-the-art technology used to manufacture our range of plastic tool boxes. Using virgin polypropylene to produce our products means that we are supplying the end-user with a plastic product in its purest form. When compared to other types of plastic, our choice of polymer produces a product that is stronger and more durable thereby increasing longevity.


Leaders in Plastic Storage and Organisational Products


Our plastic products proudly showcase the superior quality that wholesalers and retailers alike have come to expect from Pride. As a trusted retail brand, we offer a wide range of plastic solutions over a broad industry sector, alleviating much-needed storage and organisational needs. Contact us or download our catalogue. We know that you will find the perfect Pride product for your particular requirements.