Unlock Business Growth with Cost-Effective and Custom Injection Moulding Solutions

From tables and chairs to containers, buckets and bins, if you can imagine it, Buzz Trading can manufacture it for you through injection moulding. Out of all the known and respected plastic injection moulding companies in Africa, we are the leading manufacturer of quality, durable plastic products. This is done through the process of specialised plastic injection moulding solutions which few can replicate. But what is injection moulding and how do you customise it?


What is Custom Injection Moulding?

Custom injection moulding is a versatile manufacturing process that allows a business to create individualistic, tailor-made products that fit its corporate profile. Using creativity, design and an injection moulding machine, plastic products can be made using this technique and sold as retail products or given away as marketing and promotional items to customers or clients. Most plastic parts, utensils and products you can find have most likely been produced by the injection moulding technique.


Who is Buzz Trading?

At Buzz Trading we are internationally renowned for our quality and ingenuity. If you can think of it made through a plastic injection moulding technique, we can design and manufacture it. We specialise in innovative creativity and are pioneers in finding solutions to difficult features. We are the leading provider of customised moulding solutions in Africa and offer a wide range of creative solutions, including:


  • Cutting-edge injection moulding technology
  • Creative and innovative design and engineering technologies
  • First product – or prototype moulding capabilities
  • Mass-production moulding solutions and production lines
  • Assembly of products and final finishing
  • Capabilities of stock re-runs and re-orders at short notice


We have been honoured to have worked with new designers, inventors and creators of new products as well as some of the most internationally renowned companies to produce some of the most unique products. We are fully committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and superior quality products while being highly competitive in our pricing structures.


Benefits of Using Injection Moulding

There are many advantages of using custom injection moulding to produce tailor-made plastic products. Allow Buzz Trading to explain some of these:

  1. Duplication: Once we have created a mould for your product, we can reproduce it many times over. This is an ideal solution if you need vast quantities of the same product.
  2. Accuracy: Our injection moulding machine forms a part of an extremely accurate manufacturing process and will produce precise duplicates time and again.
  3. Customisation: We can custom create your product which will meet your specific marketing needs. Ideal for companies that want individuality to set them apart from competitors.
  4. Durability: Our expert design creators and engineers ensure quality in every product, making them very durable.
  5. Lead Times: Typically, injection moulding can produce many duplications in a short period of time. If you need your products ready for consumers quickly, Buzz Trading have short lead times.


Best Solutions for Best Products


Regardless of the size of your business, your concept or design, if you are looking for customised injection moulding solutions, consider Buzz Trading. Together with our experience, expertise friendly after-sales service, and specifically designed injection moulding machine catering to your needs, we are the solution you are looking for. Contact us for a consultation today, we will take it from there.