Custom Injection Moulding Solutions by Buzz Trading: Meeting the Needs of Diverse Industries

At Buzz Trading, we pride ourselves on our injection moulding solutions that many businesses from a broad spectrum of industries utilise for reliable, cost-effective ways to produce custom plastic parts and products.


Our internationally renowned name and reputation are only surpassed by our cutting-edge technologies, state-of-the-art injection moulding machinery and qualified, expert teams which, collectively, allow us to produce superior-quality products at prices that even the shrewdest procurement director cannot refuse.


Buzz Trading Has an Injection Moulding Solution for You


In addition to the above, our custom injection moulding services offer several advantages to businesses of all sizes. Whether you are an inventor of a newly patented product, a medium-sized partnership looking for that one solid break or an established repeat producer of an extremely successful product, Buzz Trading is the company that you can rely on.


For almost two decades, Buzz Trading has produced 3-dimensional plastic parts of all shapes and sizes and different levels of complexity for clients ranging from wholesale, retail and industrial customers, including statutory bodies, government departments and an international client base. Because of our superior-quality products, competitive local prices and favourable international exchange rates, our customers find us to be the preferred injection moulding company to produce their specialised products.


Plastic Injection Moulding Products


From takeaway tubs and tumblers with lids and catering and storage bins on wheels to wheelie bins, kiddies’ suitcases, furniture and toys and indoor houseware and outdoor furniture, Buzz Trading has a partnership brand that can assist you to fill your store, regardless of your retail speciality.

Many industries make use of injection moulding to create specific products for their industry. The flexibility of injection moulding allows industries such as the automotive industry, and medical and pharmaceutical industries to create components that are vital for use in their everyday operations.

Whether you are the owner of a restaurant or fast food chain, a hobby and crafts store, a camping and hiking store, or you are the procurement director of several retail stores, we will have the right plastic injection moulding equipment that will meet your customers’ needs.

Injection Moulding

Allow Buzz Trading to Meet the Needs of Your Diverse Industry


At Buzz Trading, our products, our globally acknowledged brand partners and our internationally recognised community of satisfied customers, boast bursting portfolios of superior-quality injection moulding plastic products that we have proudly produced on their behalf. They have filled retail stores’ floors and shelves, furnished hotel and restaurant chains, and provided comfort for the sick and ailing in hospitals and a myriad of other locations across our continent and, indeed, the world since 2004.


If you need to initiate a great idea that might revolutionise your industry, or if you are in search of our partners’ or clients’ extraordinarily perfect plastic products, contact us. At Buzz Trading we offer the perfect union between cutting-edge technology, bright minds and willing qualified participants to deliver superior plastic products as quickly as possible. Buzz Trading will make it happen for you.