Food Storage Containers I Perfect Partner for Food Freshness


Contour’s plastic food storage containers offer the perfect blend of practicality and festivity and should be considered a long-term investment. They are specifically designed to cater to both retailers for resale and home enthusiasts seeking stylish and functional solutions for food storage for years to come.

So, during the festive season or whenever you choose to host a celebratory meal and thoughts turn towards delectable treats, vibrant gatherings and memories etched in laughter; there will no longer be that nagging practical concern of how to store leftover food. Contour’s food storage containers offer solutions that present food in a way that preserves freshness for retailers, party caterers and home entertainers alike.

Stock Up on Contour’s Food Storage Containers for Customer Satisfaction

  • Highlight the unique features: Emphasise the airtight seals and stackable designs and the simplistic convenience of Contour’s plastic food containers. This messaging will resonate with busy customers looking for stress-free storage solutions for prepped food and leftovers.
  • Create a section for food storage containers: Dedicate this section to showcasing Contour containers alongside recipe books, baking ingredients and gorgeous decorations. This visually appealing display will entice customers seeking inspiration and convenient solutions for their hosting preparations.
  • Embrace the gift-wrapping potential: Partner with a local bakery or allow your confectionery to prepare treats and encourage shoppers to personalise Contour food containers with ribbons, tags or stickers, transforming them into beautiful and practical gifts for friends and family.

Home Enthusiasts and Party Planners – Unwrap the Celebratory Fun

For catering businesses and festive hosts, Contour plastic food storage containers offer a host of creative possibilities to elevate your holiday food storage and presentation, such as:

  • Party Food Prep: Store pre-chopped vegetables, marinated meats and pre-measured dry ingredients for holiday recipes in various size containers, ensuring stress-free meal preps.
  • Stylishly Preserved Holiday Treats: From delicate cookies to decadent desserts, Contour’s plastic food containers keep treats fresher for longer and prevent spoiling with air-tight lids. Their transparent designs allow for an enticing presentation, adding a touch of class to any dessert. 
  • Leftovers Reinvented: Transform party leftovers into delicious lunchbox surprises with the help of our food storage containers. There are no drips or spills with our tight-fitting lids and guests can enjoy a long-lasting gift with the leftover food and dessert treats. 
  • A Dose of Creative Flair: For an extra dose of inspirational flair, consider using Contour’s clear food containers to create unique centrepieces or decorative displays filled with colourful sweets, ornaments, or seasonal foliage. Let your imagination run wild and embrace the endless possibilities of Contour’s creative magic!

The Contour Advantage

Whether you are a retailer seeking to boost holiday sales, a caterer or party planner, or simply a home enthusiast aiming to simplify and elevate your party food organisational skills, Contour’s food storage solutions offer the perfect answer. With their tight-lid seals and stackable space-saving designs, they will keep your treats, gifts and leftovers fresher for longer, as well as organised and stylish.

Savour the joy of stress-free food storage with Contour. If you need to order new food storage containers or re-stock in your retail store, peruse our product offerings on our home page, or simply contact us today for speedy delivery. If you are a small business or simply need containers for your kitchen, support our trusted clientele. You will find Contour products in all major retail outlets nationwide.