How to Enhance Your Retail Assortment by Stocking Contour Plastic Food Containers

From fast-food takeaway establishments to popular restaurants and catering concerns, value-for-money, cost-effective plastic food containers are always a top priority. These fast-paced businesses rely on quality plastic ware that can be used multiple times so that food can be prepared confidently with the assurance that breakages, perishables and food loss remain at a minimum.


As a professional procurement manager, branch buyer or owner of a reputable retail store, it can be challenging to source only the most superior quality products to accommodate your customers from multi-faceted industries. At Contour, a division of Buzz Trading, we can provide the perfect solution to this challenge. We pride ourselves on offering a full range of specifically designed food containers that will not only enhance the productivity of most of these establishments but also provide you with fast, efficient stock replenishment of these popular products.


Superior Quality Food Containers When You Need Them


We are nationally renowned for our superior quality plastic food containers as well as our ingenuity, innovation, forward-thinking and service excellence. Our production line checking systems ensure that each container meets our exacting requirements. Availability in different sizes and colour combinations makes Contour’s plastic food containers a visual feast that will enhance any retail outlet’s offering.


As part of our mission to deliver an excellent service, we always have large quantities of stock in reserve so that your stock levels can be replenished at a moment’s notice. Additionally, with access to a company-owned fleet of trucks and a national distribution network, we cut out middle-man transport commissions and pass these savings on to you.


Partnerships Provide Perfection


As a division of the Buzz Trading group, every component of Contour’s product line, from cap lids to food containers, has been carefully designed to withstand heat, cold and pressure, and is manufactured without joins or seams increasing their longevity and durability. This is achieved through Buzz Trading’s state-of-the-art injection molding technique.


Where Quality and Quantity Meet


From the retail, wholesale, and industrial sectors to government institutions, our name and reputation for supplying robust and stylish plastic products at great value for money set us apart from our competitors. Our almost 20 years of experience have provided us with a deep understanding of both local trends and products that South Africans want and need.


We understand the procurement process, policies and procedures and can quickly and efficiently respond to any quotation and answer all questions and queries that you may have, ensuring a seamless and satisfying transaction from order to delivery. Placing your bulk order with Contour will provide you with quality products at affordable prices that are delivered to your door, making your involvement in the process hassle-free and minimal.


An All-Round Solution for Your Plastic Product Range


Whether your customers are catering to their domestic, restaurant or food service outlet needs, they can experience the convenience of purchasing food preparation bowls, storage containers and seating areas from a single retail outlet, allowing you to maintain customer interest from start to finish.


In addition to our houseware range, Contour’s versatile outdoor furniture products are lightweight and easily transportable allowing for year-round serviceability, come rain or shine. Our diverse, fast-moving range is always available and keeps customers happy and loyal to your store. Contact us for further information or download our extensive catalogue.