How Plastic Moulding Companies Are Shaping the Future of Manufacturing

As a leading plastic moulding company both internationally and in South Africa, we at Buzz Trading are proud to be playing a pivotal role in modern manufacturing. Our injection moulding manufacturing procedures are versatile processes that can produce complex angles and curves in three-dimensional shapes with high precision, efficient reliability and effective repeatability. Although we specialise in plastic consumer goods, our services extend to a broad spectrum of other industries.


As with any industry, a plastic moulding company must evolve and grow with its clients’ future expectations. To remain competitive, they need to adapt to constantly changing consumer needs, remain cost-effective and adopt new technological advancements. Today, we will briefly discuss these factors and investigate how companies like us at Buzz Trading, through using these strategies, are shaping the future of manufacturing.


The Plastic Moulding Company That Leads the Way into the Future of Manufacturing

As with the fashion and automotive industries, where modern designs and trends are dictated by consumer demands, a plastic moulding company has to adopt consumer market buying trends. At Buzz Trading, we have always endeavoured to be the pioneers in shaping these trends and the future of modern manufacturing by practising what we preach:


  • New Technologies

We at Buzz Trading march in the frontline when it comes to advanced technology. We are proud to have been among the first injection moulding companies in southern Africa to abandon old, metallic and other moulding practices and adopt 3-dimensional printing for the creation of prototype moulds.


This has allowed us to increase productivity, reduce lead times and save our customers many thousands in the intricate planning, fault-finding and rectifying phases before the final design and production phase of new and innovative products begin.


  • Design and Multi-Component Injection Trends

Another key benefit of the introduction of 3-D technology is that it enables us to create moulds and manufacture products with intricate shapes and features. As a result, our customers can improve on and develop new, innovative consumer product lines through intricate angles, curves, and complex geometric shapes, which can improve previous product performance and functionality while increasing strength and longevity.


We have technologies that boast multi-injection techniques. These involve using a single injection procedure to produce several smaller products at the same time. Once sufficiently cooled, multiple parts are ejected simultaneously which increases productivity and production capacity while reducing down-the-line functions such as finishing, assembly and packing times


With these and a plethora of additional modern adaptions to the injection moulding process, we at Buzz Trading continue to be the plastic moulding company to consider for your future projects. With our introduction of progressive methods of design through to production, finishing and packaging, including bulk deliveries through our privately owned fleet of trucks, join us to become part of the future of manufacturing.

Injection Moulding Machine at Our Plastic Moulding Company

Buzz Trading – Exploring New Frontiers of Excellence

Equal to our predecessors, brothers John and Isiah Hyatt, who invented the injection moulding process, we at Buzz Trading will remain the pioneers of shaping the future of manufacturing and persevere to explore new frontiers of excellence to provide our loyal customers with only the most superior-quality plastic products.


If you need to experience advanced, cutting-edge technology that will provide you with perfect plastic results every time, and that is manufactured at budget-friendly rates, consider Buzz Trading. Contact us for ground-breaking expertise, informed advice, excellent service and ongoing, dedicated after-sales support.