What are The Injection Moulding Process Steps

From Prototypes to Production: What are The Injection Moulding Process Steps


The injection moulding process is a versatile and efficient manufacturing technique that involves molten plastic being injected into a mould, allowed to form, cool and ejected as a product. It can be used to produce a wide range of products with tight tolerances and in high volumes. If properly planned and expertly executed, this process can be used to produce a variety of quality consumer goods like toys, furniture, containers, household goods, ladders and more.


However, by the time finished products are observed in stores and other areas of industry, they have been through many stages of manufacturing. In this article, professional moulding engineers at Buzz Trading will condense the various stages of the injection moulding process to develop a plastic part from prototype to production, shedding light on the intricacies involved in transforming raw materials into finished objects.


Basic Steps of Production in the Injection Moulding Process


We believe in perfection in our injection moulding process. Before a prototype is even produced and put into production for our clients, the conceptualised product is put through many rigorous checks and balances.


  1. Design

Perfection comes with practice and our practice stages begin while inspecting 3-dimensional computer drawings using computer-aided design (3-D CAD) technology. This technology will enable the design to reflect the exact dimensions, measurements, angles and other specifications that can be accurately adjusted. Through this stage, our design engineers inspect design specifications and advise the client of potential problems, flaws and possible corrections to the basic design.


  1. Prototype Development

Once our client approves the CAD dimensions, a moulded prototype is produced using the latest 3-D printing technology. This is where the product comes to life and will allow clients and engineers to evaluate, test and inspect the object. Every aspect of the product is analysed, and any final adjustments may be easily and cost-effectively executed during this stage. Once approved, a permanent mould is then crafted from the prototype.


  1. Moulding and Plastics

Once the permanent mould is fitted to one of our state-of-the-art moulding machines, plastic is melted and fed into it under a predetermined pressure. The molten plastic is forced into the mould, filling all crevices and cavities and left to cool and solidify. The cooling process is determined by the type and quality of the plastic used. There are many different types of plastics, but we specialise in virgin polypropylene to ensure the longevity and quality of our products.


  1. Ejection and Post-Production

When the plastic has cooled sufficiently, it is ejected from the machine and a 3-dimensional moulded plastic item is sent to post-production. This is where the finishing of the final product will happen.


Injection Moulding Process Perfectly Executed through Buzz Trading


It is not only our superior engineering and prototype-to-production capabilities at cost-effective rates that have elevated Buzz Trading to No.1 in our industry. It is also our all-inclusive service delivery abilities too. We perform excellent finishing processes, including painting, sanding, polishing and post-production assembly services and a packaging and delivery service.


Moreover, we produce quality re-orders of the same high standard at short notice and deliver them just as quickly with one of our company-owned fleet of trucks, providing our clients with seamless end-to-end sales and service excellence.


If you require superior injection moulding process services, contact us today and become a member of our happy community of growing new and returning customers.